When you’re younger it’s your parents responsibility to look after you and then when they get older it becomes a moral responsibility for you to care for them.

One of the hardest decisions when your parents get old is if you should put them in a home for peace of mind knowing that they’re safe in their elderly years. Unfortunately this is a very hard decision to make and it’s usually because they don’t want to leave the familiarity of the life they’ve built, their home, and they worry that people won’t visit an “old persons home”. Not everybody would consider having CCTV installation Swansea help protect your loved ones.

Video surveillance systems come in different shapes and sizes, from the boxy cameras that you see on the corner of buildings in the streets, little dome cameras that you may see in an office building, down to the discreet cameras that are designed to be out of sight.

CCTV installation SwanseaPeople often view CCTV as “big brother” is watching and think of it as a bad thing but when it comes to protecting the elderly we know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. We want people to be aware that they can use CCTV installation Swansea to keep their family safe. You can check in on your parents whenever necessary to give yourself piece of mind, and it would mean that instead of uprooting them to a care home, they can stay in the comfort of their own home.

Nobody wants it to happen, but just imagine for a moment that your parents get Alzheimer’s or dementia, which of course would be terrible for both them and yourself. When somebody begins to suffer from one of these diseases they’ll start to forget simple things like leaving the burner on the hob and wandering off, but even worse than that is sometimes they leave their home for one reason or another, forget why they’ve left and wander the streets putting themselves in potential danger.

If you had CCTV installation Swansea then you could check on them from time to time and call them if the hob is on, or go over if possible if you notice that they aren’t home.

Another not so pleasant thing to think about is keeping your parents safe from criminals. As you may be aware, elderly people are often victims of theft because burglars are aware that their home is an easy target. We can’t always be there to protect our family unfortunately and if there was a crime to happen but no proof from CCTV installation Swansea then I know that we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

You may think that an elderly person doesn’t need CCTV installation Swansea protection because they have care or carers regularly visit them.

Unfortunately this does not necessarily mean that they’re safe because it could be that one of these carers is taking advantage of them, either abusing them or stealing from them. You could make sure that this doesn’t happen by keeping an eye on their home using CCTV installation Swansea.

These are just some of the unfortunate scenarios that hopefully make you realize that “big brother” is not always a bad thing; it could be a smart move.

We can install discreet cameras throughout a home and also outside to ensure that nobody is lurking around the property. The cameras can feed to a DVR system in your home so you’d have access to look in on your loved ones at any time.