indoor aerials SwanseaPicking the right aerial for your home

When it comes to choosing the right aerial for your home things can get a little bit confusing with all the technical jargon and the range of options that are available to you. If you are looking for aerial, then this handy guide will point out just some of the things to check before you choose an outdoor aerial for your home. It’s easy sometimes to just go for the cheapest option but there is long list of things to check before purchasing your aerial. In general terms the large an aerial will provide you with more gain, so if your home I located quite some away from the transmitter you might need to purchase quite a large aerial but again this can vary depending on the model.

The first thing when buying Aerials Swansea is to check your signal gain

The quickest way to check what aerial size you might need is to take a quick look at your neighbor’s homes and see what they are using. What direction are the Aerials pointing in because if they are all pointing in the same direction there is a good chance you live in a strong signal area. If they all seem to pointing in different directions, it could mean they live in a poor signal areas and you made need an amplifier. If your home has more than one TV point in your house, you will probably have to buy a masthead amplifier, though if you only have one you might need a distribution amplifier.

You can quickly and easily find out if your Aerials Swansea have a digital signal in your area and how strong it is by visiting and inserting your address or postcode. This tool is great for a quick guide but just be aware it doesn’t factor in the surrounding terrain and the other buildings in your area.

Is your aerial receiving UHF or VHF?

Most of the Aerials Swansea on the market today are designed to receive either UHF signals or VHF signals but you can get some aerial that receive both. Unfortunately, there is common misunderstanding that all digital channels use the UHF bandwidth, but this isn’t correct. Although UHF contains the majority of the UK’s digital channels some still use the VHF band of signal. So before you buy a new aerial just make sure that your aerial receives the right signal for the channels you want to watch or ideals get one that receives both!

Outdoor and Indoor Aerials Swansea

Although outdoor aerials are more difficult to install and should normally be installed buy a local aerial expert they will in the long run receive a much stronger signal. Indoor aerials are much weaker, but with a bit of skill they can provide a good picture. If you are renting or living somewhere in the short term an indoor aerial makes a much better choice in the long run as they tend to be much cheaper without the hassle of installing the aerial. If you live close to a transmitter an indoor aerial could provide more than enough quality in receiving signals for your TV, though distance isn’t everything. Signals travel in a straight line so although live far away you might get a better signal compared to someone who lives very close but has lots of obstacles around their property.

If you need Aerials Swansea, then the Welsh Coast Digital team are here to answer all your questions should you have any and we can provide you with free no obligation estimate on all aerial services.